Photovoltaic Panels - SHINGLED Technology

RECOM PUMA modules are based on the Shingled Monocrystalline technology which allows higher cells density than standard half-cut modules. Shingled technology eliminates traditional ribbon connection with shingles connected in series. By removing the soldered ribbons, the active area of the module is improved, and thermal stresses are reduced – resulting in exceptional efficiency and reliability over standard interconnections. With higher yield per surface area, PUMA modules deliver outstanding performance under extreme heat as well as low intensity solar radiation.


The replacement of soldered ribbons with a low temperature and flexible ECA decreases

thermal stresses during the modules production and operation, decreasing the risk of

micro cracks formation. Mechanical stresses (e.g. snow load) are relieved by the flexible interconnection, improving the reliability in harsh environments (as reflected in the increased warranty provided).


The inactive area is considerably reduced, no ribbons and cells gaps on strings improving the efficiency and aesthetic in full black modules.


The resistive losses in strings are considerably decreased thanks to the lower current of

shingles (1/6 or 1/7 of the original cell) and the lack of interconnection.

TOPCon technology

Photovoltaic Panels of the RECOM LYNX series are based on TOPCon technology and are an ideal choice for roofs in building installations. N-type solar cells (TOPCon) are seen as the technology of the future. N-type (TopCon) technology guarantees high performance and low degradation of the PV module, substantially improving the results and the yield in the time. RECOM LYNX series module is the ideal solution for end users who want a Quality PV & reliable product over time and a fast turnaround on their investments.

Heterojunction technology

The RECOM LION series is based on the Heterojunction technology (HJT). Heterojunction photovoltaic module is a groundbreaking technology. It guarantees high performance and low degradation of the PV module, substantially improving the results and the yield in the time. RECOM LION series is the ideal solution for end users and in limited space. 




Low Voltage Startup

Inverters from RECOM optimize the performance of the Photovoltaic System, even at a fairly low voltage during sunrise and sunset, due to their highly flexible design. 

HYBRID technology

The RECOM Hybrid Inverters are “battery ready”, i.e. they have a pre-installed battery receiving system and can be ideally combined at any time with energy storage systems/batteries, in order to make your Photovoltaic System energy autonomous and independent.

Batteries increase the simultaneity of consumptions, thus saving even more money for the end consumer.

Back up Mode

RECOM hybrid Inverters feature a backup mode using an integrated switching system. In other words, in the event of a power cut from the network, the installation is automatically and instantly isolated, while the electricity supply continues normally from the photovoltaics and batteries.

Zero Export

The new Hybrid Inverters from RECOM make it possible to achieve zero export into the network. There are areas where the grid is saturated and IPTO does not allow the installation of an energy production system with injection, or remote areas that are not supported by the electricity grid. By adding a Smart Meter to the system and combined with RECOM's technologically advanced Hybrid Inverters management system, REPOWER enables you to install your system in any area you wish, without injecting energy into the network, achieving absolute Energy Autonomy.


RECOM inverters have a new built-in anti-lightning surge protection device (SPD) on the DC and AC side, offering protection to the Inverter against induced or direct surges caused by indirect lightning strikes.



Long Lifespan

RECOM's Pandora battery systems are of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) type and offer significant advantages over lead-acid and other lithium batteries. They provide improved charge-discharge efficiency, maximum charge-discharge current: 50A and depth of discharge: 90%, longer life (<6000 life cycles) and deep discharge capability, keeping their power at the same levels.

Fast Charge - Discharge Functionality

RECOM's Pandora LiFePO4 batteries can charge and discharge at a high rate providing maximum flexibility for all types of applications. Fast charging minimizes system downtime, while the high discharge rate is ideal in situations where a large starting current is required.

Temperature Resistance and Discharge

The technology of the Pandora RECOM Battery series protects it from large and sudden temperature fluctuations as well as from its depletion, so they do not affect the overall power supply in the system at all. It is the ideal choice for applications that require large and continuous discharge as well as for locations where they will be operating in extreme and unstable weather conditions.

Zero maintenance costs

Pandora LiFePO4 batteries have zero maintenance costs and an extremely long life, making them a worthwhile investment and a smart long-term solution for energy independence.


RECOM's Pandora Battery Series storage system is expandable, thus enabling you to increase the capacity of your system, very easily and without any special work at any time, if your needs in stored electrical current increase.

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