RECOM products ideally combine top performance and high aesthetics, achieving yields of up to 98% of installed production. The black design of RECOM products lends a sense of minimalist harmony and high-tech expertise.

Full Black Photovoltaics

Unique aesthetic result!

RECOM panels have a unique aesthetic result due to their monocrystalline structure and total black surface!

They are perfect for all the photovoltaic system installations, combining high energy production with impressive minimalist aesthetics.

They upgrade the aesthetics of your home, giving a sense of luxury and high technology, while giving a feeling of social responsibility and environmental protection.

The RECOM panels are characterised by a minimalistic beauty as they are in total black, with no visible joints and gaps on their surface compared to regular panels. The black frame made of aluminium profile, high strength alloy, Factory Electrostatically painted in black RAL 9005 completes the highly aesthetic effect.


Optimum Design of Inverters

Thanks to the innovative cooling system without a fan, RECOM Inverters are silent and therefore ideal for domestic use. Their soft rounded shape and black colour offer the installation a harmonious appearance. The compact and durable shell and the minimum weight allows them to be placed wherever you wish.


Innovative Battery Design

The expandable modular design of the Pandora Series of RECOM batteries offers multiple energy storage options, further simplifying installation and maintenance. The innovative design of the stackable units already has pre-installed supply and communication cables ensuring immediate and automatic Plug & Play operation.

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