With 6 simple steps, your high electricity bill will be a thing of the past. REPOWER undertakes for you the entire process of issuing a permit and installation of a Photovoltaic System, capable of serving your electricity needs for 25 years.


Preliminary study - Offer

With many years of experience and specialized knowledge of the market of Photovoltaic Systems and Net Metering, we have developed a unique software which offers you energy savings and autonomy as soon as possible!

Using REPOWER SOLAR CALC, you can have a proposal of the solution that fits your needs with a total cost estimation. All that is required of you is to fill in the fields of the software.

The financial and technical study that you will receive immediately in the email you have entered will include all the necessary information and the indicative cost and you will then be able to file the application.

Request a Preliminary Study - Offer by pressing the button below!



Free visit by a qualified REPOWER engineer, who will measure and examine the Photovoltaic System installation on your roof.

He will also answer all your questions, advise you on the suitability of a Photovoltaic System based on your needs and analyse all the benefits you will have.



The dedicated studies department of REPOWER will study the available space with its particularities and, depending on its location and orientation, will draft a proposal that will ensure the highest return for your investment.

Once you decide to proceed with an application, you will receive a comprehensive plan and offer tailored to your needs.


Issue of a permit

To start carrying out work on your roof you will need a permit from the network operator (IPTO).

REPOWER’s team will prepare the necessary single-line and siting plans, undertake the processing of supporting documents, compile your file and submit it to the IPTO platform for the issue of the necessary installation permit.



Once the study is approved and IPTO accepts the application by signing the relevant connection contract, you will receive the final offer from REPOWER.

With your approval, our construction team will begin the implementation of the project and its connection to the IPTO’s network.


Customer service

Upon completion of installation and network connection, REPOWER will perform a final inspection and a test run to ensure proper system operation. REPOWER continues to be by your side, supporting your system for the entire term (25 years) of your contract.

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