Our company offers integrated solutions of Photovoltaic Systems, providing economy and a better environment for you and your family. Today you can produce the electricity you need for your home by installing a Photovoltaic System REPOWER For Home.

The electricity will be offset against your consumption thus reducing your electricity bill to a minimum, regardless of the electricity provider you have chosen.

Benefits for individuals:

Up to a zero charge on the consumption of your monthly electricity bill, without being affected by increases in its price
Insurance of the Photovoltaic System and your investment
25-year warranty for panels and 10 years for inverters
Increased added value of the property in which the Photovoltaic System is installed
Reduction of carbon dioxide and energy footprint
A better environment for you and your loved ones
Count your House’s needs


You can dramatically cut down your business costs from electricity bills and become energy independent from any energy price increases.

The REPOWER For Business plan, offering reliable equipment and using modern project management methods, is the ideal solution for your business, taking into account your business needs, financial impact, energy efficiency as well as the final aesthetic result.

Each REPOWER For Business project implemented by our company is followed by a free two-year maintenance plan.

Benefits for enterprises:

Saving money from the very first month
Insurance of the Photovoltaic System and your investment
Very quick return on your investment
Quality services from a company with many years of experience in the Photovoltaic industry
Reduction of carbon dioxide and energy footprint
Immediate technical support even after the delivery of the project
Estimate your business needs


Net Metering can be implemented by farmers, ranchers and fishermen, being a highly profitable investment for producers with a short payback period. With the installation of the appropriate Photovoltaic System, they can meet their electricity needs to irrigate fields, greenhouses, to operate pumping stations, poultry-livestock units, fishing shelters, etc., greatly reducing their operating costs.

Especially for farmers, "virtual net metering" is also allowed, i.e. they have the possibility to cover the power consumption of their different facilities, located in the same or adjacent regional unit, with a single Photovoltaic System.

Energy Communities

REPOWER For All provides to energy communities access to VirtualNet Metering both in households and in small-medium enterprises. Virtual self-production allows you to produce your own clean energy for self-consumption through RES, even if you don't have the necessary space to install the system in your home.

In simple words, the RES system can be located far from the point of consumption (e.g. in another building, on a plot of land, etc.). The energy produced by the system will be offset against your electricity bill, just as it would be if you had the system installed on the roof of your house. The solar system can be placed at any point of the network within the Region or in the case of Attica, in a neighbouring Region.

Benefits of energy communities:

Possibility of energy production for self-consumption in a Photovoltaic System installation located far from the consumption area
Possibility for self-consumption using more than one meters per TIN
Democratizing the energy sector and replacing conventional energy sources with clean ones in a socially just way

Maintenance and Operation

By exclusively undertaking the entire process of Net Metering, from the preliminary study to the installation of an integrated Photovoltaic System adapted to your needs, we can guarantee you that we will supervise the project for 25 years, ensuring its perfect operation.

Damage to Photovoltaic System installations can result from non-maintenance or poor maintenance. In order to achieve the maximum return on your investment, we need to ensure that your Photovoltaic System is producing 100% of the energy it can and this is only possible by performing frequent checks.

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