Having great confidence and a sense of responsibility for its products, RECOM offers a full warranty on panels for the 25-year term of the contract with IPTO.

The products are designed and manufactured at RECOM's factories in Lannion, France, using top quality materials and adhering to all safety protocols under the strictest European Technical Specifications.



Long-Term Warranty



Long-Term Warranty



Long-Term Warranty

RECOM REPOWER SA provides a 2-year warranty of good operation for the electrical installation and placement of the equipment.


The panels of RECOM are manufactured according to the most state-of-the-art and strict global and European specifications. Using shingled technology and construction quality that prevents Micro-Cracks, the company guarantees the long-term performance of photovoltaic panels with high resistance to wind pressure, snow load, dust, fire, salt and chemical corrosion. According to IEC 61215, IEC 61730, CE, IEC 62716 AMMONIA and IEC 61701 Salt Mist standards.

The new RECOM Inverters comply with the highest protection and safety standards. They have protection against electric shock, fire and mechanical hazards according to IEC/EN 62109-1-2 standard. In addition, they have protection against the islanding effect and Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification, having passed the tests according to the IEC/EN 61000 standard.

The new range of Batteries PANDORA by RECOM have protection and safety certifications after having passed the tests according to global and European standards IEC62619, IEC60730, IEC62040, CE and UN38.3.

Click on the icons below to "download" the respective certificates.

Durability of Products

Inverters and Batteries from RECOM have a very high protection index (IP65/IP66), as a result of which they can be placed outdoors, without being affected by their exposure to weather conditions. In the case where the equipment is placed indoors, care should be taken for the adequate ventilation of the space, in order to avoid overheating during the summer months.

European Vertically Integrated Production

RECOM is a vertically integrated manufacturing company having its state-of-the-art factory in Lannion, France and an experienced R&D team constantly designing innovative cutting-edge technologies for its products. The European design, the control procedures and the safety measures followed in the production line are demanding and strict, and they are guided by the excellent and quality manufacturing of the final product.

Bloomberg Tier1

Certification according to BloombergNEF is granted to PV module manufacturers, with the goal of helping buyers find the best manufacturers among the hundreds available on the market today. It is an indicator of reliability and credibility of photovoltaic panel production companies.

The Tier 1 designation serves as an independent validation of company performance as it assesses PV module manufacturers in terms of banking and financial stability. RECOM is the only manufacturer of Photovoltaic Systems in Europe with Bloomberg Tier 1 certification.

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